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Projects we are working on.

Levy Park 
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A BIG project the LBA has been work on is to have a park and meeting place for the community.  

The property is at 36th and Doyle Venable Drive just off the I-40 Exit.  It will have a quarter mile walking track, pavilions, and play area.  

Jump Start


For the past year, a planning process has been focusing on the Levy and Park Hill neighborhoods. If successful, the end result will likely be increased economic activity and increased property values in the town centers. Funded through Metroplan (the Metropolitan Planning Organization) and the City, a consultant has lead the community through a visioning process to devise a design guideline and form-based code overlay as an amendment to the Zoning Ordinance. This funding came from federal agencies encouraging urban areas to consider how zoning and development regulations can make special places in our community more enjoyable for our citizens. This effort was brought about by the recognition that our society is automobile dependent and our lifestyles are hurting community health. Increased density of core areas will increase walking in those neighborhoods and help improve community health. The goal is to encourage redevelopment of those areas as places to live, work, and play in a compact urban setting.


More Info on Jump Start

Levy Day

We brought back Levy Day.   October 29th, 4:30 to 7:00pm, for food, games, prices, and speeches from our local candidates.


Click here for pictures and more info Levy Day 


The LBA has secured funds for the addition of Light Pole Banners in the Levy area.  


They were placed on Camp Robinson Road in December 2015.  

LBA Board Meeting w/Mayor


The borad of the LBA met with the Mayor of North Little Rock, to discuss the plans and goals of 2016.  


In the short time we have been established, the LBA has caught the eye of the city and Mayor's office.  


During the meeting the LBA secured additional funds for banners and the use of city resources to install them.  


Thank you to the memeber businesses for the work you do and the heart for our community. 

Web Site


Building a Website and Facebook page to help with the mission of the LBA  


"To promote business to business trade on a local level.   Building on our community image by bringing beauty to our streets, safety to our neighborhoods, and working on a green environment.   In turn bringing new customers and families to our city."


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