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Real people have very real problems that require resolution expeditiously, reasonably, and victoriously. Legal issues can be overwhelming in a complex, intricate, and perplexing legal system. Leigh Law strategizes for successful resolutions for all situations—if it is important to our client it is important to Leigh Law! Leigh Law has the stamina, expertise, and sincere desire to devise a route for each of our clients through the legal maze.

You need an attorney to win

Leigh Law is a rising power in the legal community because Victoria Leigh is a trained trial attorney, she and other associate attorneys walk into the court prepared, practice court decorum, and expect victory! Leigh Law’s motto is “…you don’t need an attorney to lose, you can lose all by yourself; you need an attorney to win, you need Leigh Law!”

Expertise in many areas of law

Leigh Law roars for all individuals in almost all aspects of life…whether real estate, personal injury, debt collection defense, criminal issues, estate planning, family problems, divorce, employment, gender, or racial discrimination, small or large, Leigh Law wants to be YOUR “go-to” law office for advice and counsel.

We work dillingently for you

Leigh Law would not be in business without its clients! Leigh Law values its clients tremendously. Leigh Law promises to work diligently to achieve the results we are paid to obtain.

Roaring to the Rescue

If you have an issue, a concern, a potential ordeal that needs sound advice or solution let Leigh Law Roar to your Rescue!

Contact them:


We are moving soon.
Our new address will soon be 2800 Percy Machin North Little Rock, Arkansas 72114.


Phone: 501-227-ROAR



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